Author William Petersen

William is a Missouri native and life-long resident who finds endless inspiration within the natural world for science-fiction, horror and fantasy…

Assuming the mild-mannered persona of non-fiction writer by day, William descends into the darkness at night to bring back disturbing and frightening tales that may or may not exist solely in the mind.

William is a proud member of the St. Louis Area Horror Writers’ Society whose writing has appeared in anthologies from The Bearded Scribe Press and JWK Fiction, as well as in Nebula Rift, Under the Bed, Far Horizons and Calamities Press magazines.

William’s writing spans the genres of horror, science-fiction and fantasy, while sometimes blending two or more genres together for something entirely new.

“I write, because I’m terribly unhappy if I don’t…

I find endless fascination and inspiration for writing within the natural world. Nearly all of my stories deal with nature and its surprises in one form or another. I hope that my stories impart that same fascination to you, while entertaining you, provoking thought and maybe scaring you just bit along the way. 

Every story starts with ‘What If ?’ I strive to bring you with me as I attempt to explore that question.

Take a few trips with me into some dark places, not all of which exist solely in the mind. Many of the paths we will follow are one-way, because not all stories have happy endings…

Come with me and learn how life itself could be snuffed out of existence or how mankind might be erased from the planet. Let’s see what happens when nature has had its fill of humans and explore the consequences of man’s expansion. We’ll search for magical creatures, venture into some of the darker aspects of human nature and watch as evil descends upon the unwary.

Come with me, and we’ll explore the darkness together…”


Publication History


“Ringshine”A sci-fi / horror story featured in Vol. 03 No. 03 of Nebula Rift Magazine


“Peeping Tom” – A Short horror story included in the anthology “Ghosts: Revenge” published by: James Ward Kirk Fiction


And featured in Vol. 03 No. 09 of Under the Bed Magazine

The Bed Small



“In Plain Sight” – A flash-fiction piece featured in the anthology “The Grays” published by: James Ward Kirk Fiction


*** 2015 ***
“Wish Witch” – A short paranormal horror story included in the anthology “Twice Upon A Time” published by: The Bearded Scribe Press

Twice upon a time_cover

*** 2015 ***


Flash-fiction published by Calamities Press Literary Magazine
“Hot Stuff” – August 24, 2014, “Trap Door” – September 7, 2014
“Drifter” – September 21, 2014, “Secrets of the Samurai Squid” – November 9, 2014

Calamities Press


Errant Shot CoverMythical Cover-2Ringshine

Tycho CoverCycle CoverAnitte CoverNebulaRiftLarge

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