Magazine: Space and Time, issue 125

Planetary Defense Command

space-and-time-125Space and Time Magazine, issue 125

A steward shows me onto the cruise ship’s bridge and introduces me to the Captain, who reaches out to shake my hand.  “You’re that science journalist I’ve been hearing so much about.”

“Science-fiction book-blogger, actually.  I’ve heard your ship’s library has a copy of Space and Time Magazine that I’d like to read.”

“You know, I bet you’d like to write a story about the AI we use to manage the ship.”

“Not really, everyone has a HAL-9000 series these days.”

“You wouldn’t believe the things our computer can do.  Adaptive steering to keep the deck level and prevent seasickness among the passengers …”

I’m bored, and I zone out whatever the captain is saying.  I look out the window to the decks below.  Two young girls climb over the railing and leap into the ocean.  A third girl, running at full speed, vaults over…

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