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Planetary Defense Command

In early January, many bloggers posted their plans for the coming year.  I’m just getting around to it now – that should tell you what kind of a year I’ve been having.

Here’s a list of things I hope to do in 2017.  I’ll place a poll below, so you can tell me which ones actually sound interesting.

red-sun#1:  Finish my magazine quest.  I’ve read issues of 34 different SFF magazines, but I’ve only reviewed 20 of them so far.

#2:  Endlessly analyze the results of my magazine quest until my follower count dwindles to zero.

#3:  Complete rounds 2 and 3 of the magazine quest, where I read additional issues of the better magazines, and decide whether to subscribe.

Resnick3#4:  Compare anthologies to magazines.  A lot of the anthologies I read are single-author, but for a more apples-to-apples comparison, I’ll be using multi-author anthologies.  Suggestions…

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