Magazine: Nebula Rift V4N1

Planetary Defense Command

Nebula RiftNebula Rift

I’m not writing a silly intro story for this review, because I want to talk about the magazine’s business model. (OK, enough booing, settle down.)

Most science fiction magazines pay a per-word rate to their authors. For “pro” magazines, this is six cents or more per word. For “semi-pro” magazines, it is typically one or two cents per word. Below that, payments are considered “token”.

Nebula rift does things differently. They have five stories per issue, and instead of an up-front payment, each author receives an ongoing royalty of 10% of sales of that issue. So, the publisher gets 50% and the authors split 50%.

At first, I loved this business model. The publisher doesn’t have to worry about bankrupting itself with up-front author payments, and there are five authors per issue with a vested interest in promoting the magazine to their friends and on social media.

On second…

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