What Do YOU Think???

What would life inside of a gas giant look like?

A recent story entitled Ringshine, originally featured in Vol. 03 No. 03 of Nebula Rift Magazine, explored one of the many unexpected consequences of blindly treading beyond our own world. Subsequent conversations and interactions have led me to ask the question: What would life inside of a gas giant look like?
Would life on a planet like Saturn look like this:


Or would beings utilize gas-filled bladders to float through the dense clouds, employing chemosynthesis for sustenance? A combination of both? Could advanced life evolve on Saturn, and if so, could humans exist in the solar system with it?

What do YOU think?

Check out the story here:


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Life has been seeded throughout the solar system and has evolved time and again only to be repeatedly snuffed out, sometimes by nature itself, sometimes by unnatural forces. Is it our destiny to explore the universe, or will the act of exploration lead to life’s demise… again?


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