Just a Few Days Left…

Just a few days left to get the latest edition of Under the Bed Magazine. Five new terrifying tales of horror featuring:

Peeping Tom

     He braced his stomach against the back of the chair, looped the belt around her neck and pulled it up as he leaned backwards, using the weight of his own body to assist his efforts. The poor woman’s face contorted, and within seconds her eyes began to physically bulge. Her left eye was suddenly tinted pink, and her tongue sprang from her grimacing mouth. Spasms rocked her body as her fingers knotted into fists then extended and, after a painfully long moment, fell limp.


Under the Bed Magazine

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A voyeur sees more than expected, and the show isn’t over…

The Bed Small

What’s under your bed..?


🙂 Check out more of my stories and many other amazing authors within the pages of these great anthologies. 🙂


“The Grays” – Do ‘The Grays’ live among us? We say YES…



“Twice Upon A Time” – Fairy Tales, Lore & Myth Reimagined and Remastered

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