Reading some excellent stories from “Twice Upon A Time”

Fairy Tales, Myth and Folklore

Reimagined and Remastered

Twice upon a time_coverA few of the great stories I’ve read from the anthology so far…

Bog Trade – Bo Balder

(An excellent gem for humans and mythical monsters alike…)

The Screw-Up – AJ Bauers

(The absolute wildest Jack & The Beanstalk I’ve ever encountered… loved it!)

Forbidden Fruit – Carina Bisset

(The red shoes led me to a strange and fascinating place I didn’t want to leave, and you should join me there…)

The First Day of Winter – Rose Blackthorn

(This one caught me off-guard, and I was pleasantly surprised… twice!)

Wonderland’s Nightmare – S.M. Blooding

(Chaos in Wonderland? Oh yes, but there is a method to the madness…)

  I can’t wait to tell you about more of these amazing stories!!!


🙂 And check out these great anthologies as well 🙂


“Ghosts: Revenge” – Everyone loves a good ghost story…



“The Grays” – Do ‘The Grays’ live among us? We say YES…


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