“Breaking the Cycle” Audiobook

The Inward Spiral


Breaking the Cycle audiobook is complete!!!

Alex Jenks really brings the characters alive with their own unique voices and keeps the story flowing smoothly and perfectly paced.

Cycle Cover

Amazon and Audible

An offshoot species of a parasite, normally found only in amphibians, has evolved to include humans in its bizarre, three-stage life cycle, which causes the host to grow extra limbs and other body parts.

Is there a way to break the cycle and stop the decline of the human race, or will phobia, paranoia and fear blind us and seal our fate?


Alex Jenks narrated and produced the audiobook. Drop by and give his Facebook page a like.


MythicalandBlue-Greenaudiobooks are also currently in production.

Mythical Cover-2Blue-Green Cover

Steven D. Williams of Voicetera is narrating and producing Mythical

*** 8/4, The final recording of Mythical is now being reviewed! ***

Matt Evans (The Big Bad Voice) is narrating…

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