Secrets of the Samurai Squid

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I am going to share the stories we receive at Contest Fiction with you. Or at least an opening taster with a link to the rest of the story on our site.

Our first ever contest entry was Secrets of the Samurai Squid from writer William Petersen.

My office door flew open, the sound of my secretary, Kathy, arguing with a visitor, pouring into the room and vanquishing my peace.
“You can’t go in there!” Kathy exclaimed.
A dishevelled man barged in, brushing Kathy aside with his bulk. He wore a tan trench coat and promptly sat himself down in one of the chairs facing my desk. His smell wafted over to me, causing me to gag a little. I cleared my throat and waved Kathy off, as the man was clearly not here to harm me.
“What can I do for you, Mr.?”
“That’s not important right now. What…

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