Nature Strikes Back…

My name is Mark, and I’m about to die…

A thick, yellow liquid smacked into my face shield, covering the plastic screen entirely. The surprise of the impact, not the velocity, caused me to take an involuntary step backwards, where I immediately stumbled and fell flat on my back. I could hear others begin to yell, along with the unmistakable sounds of panicked rustling: the sounds of men in self-contained haz-mat suits trying in vain to flee.

The gooey slime on my helmet was sizzling and popping, like fresh bacon on a hot griddle, and I started to get a tingling sensation in my eyes, nose and throat. The yelling all around me was now frantic screaming, and as much as I wanted to try and wipe away the goo and help, I knew better than to touch it. Touching it would only shorten what little time I now had left.

The screams were wails now, interspersed with the distinct sounds of ripping fabrics and breaking bones. The tingling had grown into a mild stinging sensation, which was quickly giving way to the feel and smell of my own skin burning. My visor was now milky white and opaque. One of the loudest screams stopped abruptly. My eyes were squinted against the irritation and pain, but I could see that the visor was bending inward. It wouldn’t be long now.

My mind replayed the events leading up to this moment…

Antite – A Short Horror Story

Audio Book Reviews:

“A quick enjoyable horror/thriller”

“wow this will make you think for sure.”

There’s a new bug in town…

Anitte Cover

What if, in our endless drive to tame new lands, we provoked a response from nature itself?

What if nature designed a creature to take on the most dangerous species on the planet?

What if that design was meant to replace us at the top of the food chain?

Could we stop it, or would nature forcibly take its planet back?


The amazing John Stamper produced and narrated the piece, with impeccable talent and quality, I must add.

Be the first to get Antites in your ears, without the physical suffering that the rest of humanity will endure…


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