3 Simple Ways to Wipe Out Mankind…


… And other dark stories


Seven Trips Into Dark Places

A collection of short stories, each exploring a dark path…

3 Simple Cover

Magic, murder, interstellar killers and deadly plagues await you.





And don’t forget:

May 13 through July 12 is:

The Bearded Scribe Press Fundraising Event

“Wish Witch” will be one of the many great stories included in their first publication: “Twice Upon A Time”

Donate as little as $5.00, or help support us by spreading the word. This is the last step before the official launch of a brand new imprint, founded by an indie author for the advancement of indie authors and to bring fresh, new stories to readers. Help us open doors for upcoming writers and open new worlds for readers…

Join us and keep the indie movement going!!!



Write On!



New Short Stories on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords!!!

Wish Witch CoverErrant Shot CoverMythical Cover-2Blue-Green CoverTycho CoverCycle CoverAnitte Cover

SmashwordsAmazon Barnes & Noble


Write On!!!


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