There’s a new bug in town…



A Short Horror Story

What if, in our endless drive to tame new lands, we provoked a response from nature itself?

What if nature designed a creature to take on the most dangerous species on the planet?

What if that design was meant to replace us at the top of the food chain?

Could we stop it, or would nature forcibly take its planet back?


In response to mankind’s encroachment upon the last remaining natural areas on the planet, nature fights back. Combining some of its toughest and most resilient designs, nature creates a new type of insect.

Larger and much more aggressive than any type of insect ever seen before, it quickly reclaims lost territory. It evolves and adapts to expand far beyond the rainforest from which it emerged, maybe even farther than Mother Nature had intended.

Nature’s answer to the human race is…The Antite.


Anitte Cover

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