An Apocalypse in Blue…



A Short Horror Story

A chemical spill kills an addict and would-be drug manufacturer, mixing together a deadly concoction which gives rise to a new type of organism. A viral and fungal mutation, deadly and clever, spreads across cities and small towns, blanketing entire areas with a fine, blue-green dusting and releasing vast amounts of toxic gases into the atmosphere as it multiplies. Adapting and mutating as its needs and environment change, the organism overruns the planet before any type of response can be mounted.

A state trooper and an aspiring biology student, two of a handful of people unaffected by the plague, are running north with the hope that a colder climate will slow its progress. Discovering along the way that there is more to the organism than anyone could have imagined, they struggle to keep themselves, and the human race, alive.


 Blue-Green Cover



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